December 24, 2013

Updates before the year is gone

Not sure why I forgot to post about the FITWIII I got all pretty from Shelle in AU and Stacy in CA, who turned out to be a happy hippie lady with a baby crow, I love it!

 I won the awesome art of Kristin McCulloch! (LilliBean Designs)

Many people asked me to update my wall status, including my husband, who made a great job of almost disastrous situation we had going...
Here is the before and after:

Other updates: a huge bunch of my nice magazines found a new home, thanks!
I'm organizing a Traveling Journal for January, so the month goes fast (NO, I do not like January one bit)
There is 38 more days to start the 29 faces challenge in February!!!!
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  1. looking forward to 29 faces in February!! happy holidays :)

  2. Hey Martha! The house looks great! So happy everything turned out well ;o) And, I am even more happy that the faces didn't get lost! The art you won is gorgeous!! Big Hugs and Merry Christmas ;o)

  3. Not sure where that year went, I have not even had time to blog/read blogs :( came by to wish you a Merry Christmas Martha and prosperous healthy New Year to you and your family! Pleased to see Ms Hippy Chick LOL, I hope Dawn got hers too in the end! Oh and your hubby is awesome, the wall looks so professional, well done x

  4. Wow, congratulations to you and especially to your husband, who is very skilled indeed! The set turned our addition, I believe this will allow you to place a yet bigger TV on that wall in the future, as you are not confined by the entertainment center anymore! ;)
    Happy 2014!

  5. Beautiful artwork...and wow your tv looks nice! Happy New Year!


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