October 13, 2014

I changed a bit my banner..

Last night, after so many days of cake (3 birthdays in a row!) I was in a sugar rush I guess, so I decided to work on my banner. I have been using the little face as a logo for years, but I wanted her smiling. Of course I don't have the larger original, after so many computer crashes *sight* But I had some in a workable size and now it is backed up.
Don't forget to back up your images people! I personally do not like the" cloud", but many do, either disc, online or any other way, remember to back up.
I cannot even tell you the amount of stuff I have lost due to a virus or a computer digital tantrum, so annoying!

Anyway, now I have a smiling banner.

And I made a comic. Hate Mondays lol

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