October 28, 2014

Nothing much

This past week was not much for art. I had a horrid stomach flu, slept for 3 days straight, pretty much just thrown on the recliner feeling miserable. By Sunday I felt better and yesterday, Monday, I had dental surgery... again... same spot. Hopefully this time it was done correctly, I am so tired of dealing with it!   /(ಠ_ಠ)\
...Please zcuse the rant.

Anyway, that was that. I want to show you the video I made few weeks back.
Along with it, I reorganized my blog a bit, and have a "Free" section, full of free goodies I've made through the time for my blog readers!
Check again later when I upload the button for it ♥
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  1. Glad you're feeling better. Great video tutorial. Thanks for visiting my blog Anita

  2. Hop you're feeling better. Not fun at all to have health issues. Thanks for sharing the video! :)

  3. Hope you feel better Martha! Great video and I adore what the AB made out of it as well!

  4. Sorry you were ill. Great video! Valerie

  5. Hope you're feeling better....
    Thanks for sharing this video - it's great to see how white gets a life...

    my blog - > BLOGitse

  6. I loved the video, Martha. It's always educational to see other artists at work. It helps me anyway.

  7. The video is wonderful, Martha! Hope you are back to 100%! M.x

  8. WEll i enjoyed both videos very much! :) Hugs! deb

  9. Loved your video, thanks for sharing the process, I've never made one. And hope you feel better soon.

  10. Oh, such an inspirational video, where are my materials, got to get working, thank you!!

  11. I hope you are really feeling better. Great video, I liked it!


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