September 1, 2015

29 faces in September is on!

Wow... here we go in this awesome marathon, have fun making faces!
Practice, learn, test new stuff... try not to repeat so you can enrich your experience as much as you can with not-your-day-to-day art ♥

Here is my first. Click link to see the video ♥

And in case you are new to it, here are the links, info, button etc... to sign up got #29faces challenge!

*Thanks to my friend Cinnamon Cooney that participated in this online art collab!

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  1. 29 faces is the way to survive September, since I'm totally a summer person and hate saying goodbye to summer!

    I've subscribed your videos on Youtube and always learn so much, and especially get inspiration! I'd like to swim with her!

    Thanks for hosting!

  2. WOOOOOHOOOOO! downloading banner & hope to do trhe 29! looking forward to it (Memphis is going to join too)

  3. BEAUTIFUL way to launch 29 Faces... when I go to watch video though, it doesn't let me, says it id 'private'... I will definitely check again, so want to see it!

    1. I think is because it was not yet aired. I scheduled it and it keeps it private till it airs, and I think it was my 1 am :oP ... Provably noon for you or something lol

  4. Yay! The challenge is back on! I shall try my very best to do new (or old) things and to complete the faces. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your faces (and everyone elses too!)
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thank You for the video, it is GREAT! many times I wanted to say, stop, stop, but then it came better and better.
    Thank You also for this interesting challenge :-)

  6. The sweet lady, fell in love with her at first sight :-)

  7. Thanks for sharing the video. How fun that you are collaborating with Cinnamon Cooney - I love Cinnamon Cooney! Loved watching you paint. Thanks for hosting 29 Faces. :)

  8. I love your first face and the face of the September challenge. I hope she is ok in the water.

  9. Love her skin and dress! Extra wonderful with a video provided. :-) Thank you for hosting this challenge. It is really going to keep me moving this month!

  10. Enjoyed the video. She is a very nice looking little lady.:) Nice dress.


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