September 7, 2015

Day 7. Three quarters 3/4 face

Very hot colors! Looks like she is o fire :oD
I actually had to stop myself from keep going... I want to make a deliberate effort in leaving things unfinished. It is good for those of us that overdo the details. Once in a while, leave a figure just marked, and stop.
It. Is. Hard. (°‿~ )

And in case you are new to it, here are the links, info, button etc...
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  1. Great faces so far!
    (I agree that it's very hard to leave something unfinished!)

    1. I always work on that for the challenge... leave things before I usually go to finish. (Of course I go back weeks later!) lol

  2. I just did a face similar to this. It's for 29 Faces but for later number. Love this!

  3. Oh, I know how hard it is! I don't tend to over do my faces, but I don't like to leave them unfinished.
    I've though tried some "abstract faces" where I left them a little bit unfinished, but looking so good! Here you can check one of them to see what I mean: I've started in February, but then something completely took over my life at that time and I've stopped the "challenge". I'm considering starting again for a whole month. ;)

    1. Do as many faces as you can, good to see you!

  4. Unfinished is quite often my middle name :D

    She is on fire, indeed!


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