September 2, 2008

Two happy dolls and one sad eye

I have been playing with different shapes of faces for my dolls, and trying to make them look more the way I see them in my head. Hard to do, because usually the dolls look they way they want, not the way I tell them too Xo)
So anyway, as I was waiting for them to cool after the oven, I decided to do some gardening. I thought everything went normal, until my son came back from school and asked me: "Mom! What happened to your eye!?". Agh! I have a blotchy red spot in my left eye. Looks quite sad. I'm not quite sure if it was a dry branch, a bug or what.
So now I look funny.
I wonder if that's why the little fairies are laughing? Or maybe they are giggling at eachother because they are still bald.


  1. Your dolls are adorable, Martha : )

  2. Thanks Shelle! I love polymer, so much fun to work with.


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