November 7, 2010

Music while painting

What music do you play when painting? I love all kinds of music, mostly soft rock, alternative and whistle along all happy.

Well, some days ago I heard an awesome song in the car and couldn't catch the name.. same thing next time... just kind of heard the name of the singer half way... Christina ...something. Agh! I went to look for it online by the lyrics, since I had no idea of the name either. This is the video, and I LOVE the song!!!! Jar of hearts, Christina Perri.



  1. I know exactly what your taking about. It drives you mad. Thank goodness for the internet, I've have searched many a song with just a few lines of the lyris.

  2. I am not much of a music listener and when I do it is to one of the CD's of my daughter. She sings mostly country but throws other kinds of music in once in a while.

  3. Hey Martha, beautiful song! I have to admit, I can't have music on when I'm painting, I like it quiet.

  4. She has a beautiful voice.
    I like quiet and music and hay house radio, depends on what kind of mood I am in!
    Love and hugs.
    Have a great week.

  5. Dear Ayala
    I hope you are fine and doing well.
    I have been away for a while but now I enjoy to see the art you all made.
    I like to listen to music while painting too.Actually I really like the music of time when i grew up, like the cure, the smiths, depeche mode and so on, but I have a wide range of music and it depends on my mood, to wich music I listen.
    Have a great day, with a great soundtrack.

  6. Thanks for the posts! Isn't it always interesting to see how others like to do their art?
    Sometimes I can't stand any sounds around, it distracts me. But usually I just love music.

    Janine, I was missing you!

  7. I like a CD I have called the Best of Enya and I have an old CD by Amy Grant that keeps me upbeat. A lot of times I like it quite too though. I love country music, but I rarely listen to it when I'm painting. I don't know why that is either! Wierd!


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