November 20, 2010

Nice Friday and great doll video

Yesterday was a fun day. my husband had a day off. We did a few things around the house fixing things here and there, went out to have lunch, then to the books store, looking for the Doll Collector Magazine where my doll Luna is published (Along with Selene and Victoria!) But seems they still don't have it in town. Oh well.... I got the magazine Art Doll Quarterly with Jane DesRosier dolls. I also saw Cristina Alvarado's work in the article about women studios, I was thrilled, I love her pictures!

Also bought a cool book on acrylics, Oh what a treat! I'm happy!
At night as I was going around online, I bumped into this wonderful video by Yuyi Morales illustrator/doll maker, of how the book "Mi Abuelita"(written by Tony Johnston) is made. Isn't it awesome? I fell in love with that cat!! The pictures were taken over a period of 3 years. This is love you guys, loving an idea and sticking with it until the end. Thanks for sharing Yuyi!

Have a beautiful rest of the weekend!


  1. Oh how fun. That is one of my things to do for next year...make a doll out of clay and sew her clothes. I loved that video. Thanks for sharing. My husband is off all next week, vacation time and then again the week of Xmas. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Martha, thanks so much for sharing that video! Wow, amazing and congrats to you to having your doll Luna published in the Doll Collector Magazine!! I am so happy for you! Thanks for making my weekend ;o)

  3. Congrats on getting your doll in Doll Collector Magazine! Too cool!

  4. Gloria, you'll have tons of fun!
    Stacy, Kimberly, Thanks!!! Xo)


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