November 6, 2010

Work in Progress and a blog Award

 After realizing that I was attacked by a Bipolar Muse, who pushed me in every direction at the same time, I decided to cool my horses (or is it hold my jets?) and go baby steps on one painting only. I will worry about the others later. Here is what I worked on so far, and you can see some WIP

She still needs more work, highlights maybe a flower and earrings...

Now the award: Campbell Jane gave me the Versatile Blog Award icon, which gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about me (Like if I don't ha!) so, here are 7 things about me, that you are dieing to know:

  1. My inner child is the one that makes the rules around this house...
  2. I can remember almost every sound of any instrument in many songs ranging from many decades... but hardly ever remember the name of the song :oB
  3. Can't stand watching sports, I fall asleep unless there's someone I know playing.
  4. I like to play marbles and make puzzles.
  5. I love movies! I could go to the movies every day... only that not every time they have something good to watch. But I love to see the camera angles, the photography, the acting, the period costumes... or if it is a cartoon, I like to pay attention to the animation, textures, details....
  6. I think Rupert Penry-Jones is super cute (Sorry Mr. Darcy)
  7. I'm really rotten at giving blog awards... I'll put it on my list to find a blog that doesn't have one, and deliver. I don't want to just go and take it to the next person who got 7 of the same, that week :oP


  1. piękne obrazy Ayal'o :)

  2. Beautiful painting Martha! And, thanks for sharing somethings about you ;o) Got to love your inner child!! Keeps you young!

  3. Great wip and I know it's going to look even better once highlights and earrings are there. Yes I too got the award from CJ and I don't do awards any more but for her I did add it to my sidebar for a week or so. There are too many things about me to post so I just didn't. Tee hee. I actually took off all my blog awards and just am planning to put them in one slide show when I have time. It's very time consuming to do that. I do appreciate the awards though. I thank you for your kind words on my blog and hope you are having a great weekend.

  4. Nice work!! Enjoyed your blog!

  5. Thanks for sharing your wip, I love to see everyones styles and approaches. Love that song....I actually hadn't heard it before, so thanks for that as well :)


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