November 24, 2010

Thanks Giving Sale

As the end of the year and Thanks Giving Day approach, I have many things to be thankful. Most of all, my family, our love, health, and the time we can spend together. I am infinitely thankful everyday,  and I pray everyone feels as thankful in their lives.

This year was interesting and I feel blessed: in my family, I accepted that now I am the shortest person in my home (kids... they do grow fast!); I won awesome giveaways (to my delight), made new friends, enjoyed clay babies traveling by my house (Touring babies!); was published in a magazine (Thanks Cindy :o*); Art and Craft wise I reopened my Etsy shop,which I had left on the side (same for ebay) for a long time, while I learned and practised doll making.

And that's where I want to give thanks to everyone that reads my blog.
I am offering a 30% off CODE on everything in
my Etsy Shop: Dolls, Paintings, ACEOs and Custom Portraits.

Take a look and hopefully you will find something you like. Will be going on from today till the end of the month, on Nov. 30th 2010. First come First serve, as I don't make 2 of the same once they are gone, they are gone for good! Read code below picture.

Code: THXGVNAYALA Use it at checkout to get 30% off.
Does not apply to shipping.


  1. Thanks so much Martha! I will be having a look in the store ;o) Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and your friends ;o)

  2. Thank you Stacy! We did :o)

  3. hello friend,wonderful creations.big hugs.


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