December 29, 2010

Almost the end of 2010...

...and we couldn't finish the year with some drama.
The past few weeks have been a bit crazy. With the little flood we had after the ton of rain in California... and  our poor cat was attacked be another cat and got a bad infection (now he's $porting a bald $pot in the head and mi$sing a cheek... yes it wa$ $$ at the vet too.) then some of my yearly routine tests came back weird, so they needed more tests and took their time to give me the results (which is by itself very stressing and sickening!) Then my MIL had some problems to fix in her house which my husband went to fix, only to ....break his wrist! :o(
But finally, I heard back from the results, everything is fine with me, which makes everything else a lot easier to take.  I am ready to say good bye to crazy 2010, not that we could keep it anyway, but wasn't it a crazy year? worldwide! It had it's good moments but.... Oh well!

Here's hoping that 2011 is beautiful, prosperous, and more than anything else... full of love and health!
Health is like a clean house... you only notice when it isn't so.



  1. Wow, you did have some wild stuff this year. So glad your med tests came back normal. I left a third of my colon in 2010, but I can't say I miss it. ;~) Learned to make art dolls this year, made tons of new friends through FB, Etsy, ADO, and it's been a good year.

    Hoping your 2011 is fabulous! (And hug your poor kitty for me.)

  2. Happy New year to you and yours. Snowflake kisses for everyone! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. Wow! You certainly had a lot going on all at once. I'm glad you especially, but also your cat are doing ok.

  4. thanks for stopping by! I'm all new at this blogging tuff and didn't realize I was on the wrong page! thanks for letting me know! I will come back soon.... happy new year!


  5. oh wow. breathe. breathe. thank goodness you are healthy. yes, 2011 will only be better :)

  6. happy new year from cucufataproyect!! :)

  7. Happy New Year Martha ;o) I'm glad everything is ok and that your cat is good ;o) Poor kitty!! Here's too a great 2011!!!

  8. Take Care Martha, pleased things are on the mend, wishing you and yours a happy heathy 2011 and a year to celebrate full of good times & success x

  9. Happy New Year to you, girlie, and hope you stay prosperous and fit as a fiddle! Looking forward to seeing your work for the coming year. - Cindy

  10. Thanks for stopping and many blessings for this new year!


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