June 21, 2013

Two guys

These are my guys for the day. I lost count how how many I've made, will have to check on that.
The one in the left was supposed to be David, as in the statue of David. Unfortunately he looks more like a Southamerican teenager. And I won't even bother mentioning who I based my sketch on the right, since he doesn't even resemble one bit to the original... lol

But I had fun sketching them both.They are in a 4x6 card. I have been thinking of working on a large size but with the kids out of school, I have been doing bunch of other things that don't leave much time for sitting on a larger piece for now.
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  1. Hi Martha. Hope all is well with you. Yes I know about all paints having something that isn't good for you, but doesn't it make you angry that they still sell the stuff? It does me.:) Your guys are great. I wasn't sure if this was your ppf post and in any event I just wanted to say hi and thx for stopping by my ppf. I shall be careful when using those pastels. I think if the powder gets loose and particles go in the air, it can be congested as well as on the fingers it will seep into the skin. :(

    1. They have to say it by law... just imagine all the things that don't have a tag but are more dangerous (and we eat them!) Don't worry too much, but with pastels you have to be careful anyway, because even the "non toxic" brands are bad if you breath the dust.
      Thanks for stopping by! :oD

  2. They are great Martha! I love the expressions ;o) Take Care ;o)

  3. I think the guy on the right is pretty dreamy looking!

  4. You having fun sketching them are the most importent.
    I think the guys look great.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. the first one looks like Elijah Wood to me in LOTR.. lol! Great sketches!

  6. Two beautiful guys!!
    xxx Marianne

  7. Anonymous23 June, 2013

    Isn't it fun to draw guys? I think these 2 look wonderful.

  8. These guys are quite handsome. I really like the features and how you did the hair on the guy on the right.


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