June 30, 2013

Last June Guy!

We went to the coast for the weekend, and drove by Paso Robles, where James Dean fatal crash happened. They have a shop and 2 huge billboards and we always drive to late for pictures, but this time I made a point of go there with still daylight and take some photos.
They have the best chocolate and all kinds of nuts there, and water for the road -or coffee, tea and sodas, whatever one might want for the next stop while traveling.

Anyway.... this is my last June Guy of the year!

And here are the photos of the memorial boards:

Thank you and a big hug to all the participants!! ♥


  1. The pictures are very impresive. And your last june drawing is looking great.
    Thanks for the nice june month. I have had fun drawing 30 guys:)
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Great portrait of James Dean. Lovely!
    xxx Marianne

  3. There is a James Dean Museum in or near Marion ,IN so there is such love for this iconic man ....gone too soon! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Beautiful sketch. Must have been a fun trip.

  5. Great photos Martha! It's so sad, that he died so young! I love your last sketch! Great job on all of them! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. I remember when James Dean died. What a sad time for us young people thenQ Beautiful sketch.

  7. Great portrait! And nice pics :)

  8. Great job on JD, I had so much fun in the last challenge. I think I'll do the next one, so glad I found your blog!!


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