July 6, 2014

Happy birthday Frida!

One of my favorite painters is Frida Kahlo. I love her folkloric elements in her painting, her self portraits are very interesting, can't stop finding new things and inspiration from them!
I do not agree with all her personal or political interests but you take the person with her time, era and influences and that rounds in a sense a life.
Back in high school I made probably 11 self portraits emulating her style but with a twist: I made myself of different races and skin colors lol I wish i still had those papers!

Today is her birthday and I thought of sharing some images and  links here.

A few years ago google made a logo of her:

Her last entry in her diary made many people think her death was not natural, talking about a joyous exit and hoping never to return, but the fact is that her health was terrible and her spirits very low, she had been declining for years:

I think this is my favorite photo of her, smiling:

If you want a short version of her life, this is a very interesting page HERE
To see some of her art click HERE
And some of my paintings inspired by Frida HERE

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  1. I love Frida, too, and there are great pictures of her on pinterest.

  2. She is also a favorite of mine as well. Last fall, I found a single painting of hers in the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. It was sad to see only one as I had expected more! So greedy, right! Anyhoo, thanks for the reminder of her birthday. She certainly had a very interesting life. hugzzz


  3. Oh my goodness! ! ! ! Your doll posted August 10 is STUNNING! I absolutely love, love her! Great face, love the outfit too!!!


  4. That is the best image of Frida I've ever seen. I have never seen her smiling before.

  5. Lovely Frida, she was a wonderful and very strong woman. Valerie

  6. thanks for sharing those links... her work is so fabulously tropical and has such strong images... love it...xx

  7. This is a beautiful photo of her. She inspires so many.


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