July 23, 2014

New class Giveaway!

Hello there!
I finally finished installing and tinkering my newest project so I want to have a giveaway!
What is it?
A class with lots of painting tips, texture techniques and mixed media fun!
How to enter?
Grab the button, paste it in your blog with a link to HERE

Post/share in any network about it (facebook, twitter, youtube, etc...) and come and leave a comment here. Don't forget to leave a comment here! :oD
The more shares, the more comments, the more chances to win!

*If someone signs up because of you, you will also get an extra surprise in the mail :oD


You can win it for yourself, or to give to a friend!
The only thing needed is an internet connection and enough knowledge to navigate online!

Winner will be announced next week, July 30th
...so hurry up and play!

*(Note: The image with pencils was generated in a photo editor, this is not pencil art)

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  1. Looks like it will be great online class!! Would love to learn more techniques in Mixed media..
    Shared on FB and Twitter, added the 'Button' on my blog at nagaonkarshilpa.blogspot.in
    thanks for the chance

  2. Awesome giveaway! I no longer have a blog but will share this time FB. Thanks for the opportunity! davis6620@gmail.com

  3. Sounds fun! Lovely creations!

  4. Sounds like fun! What a happy group of creations!

  5. This is a very nice giveaway. I will post on FB and my blog.

  6. Shared on my blog

  7. Shared on FB

  8. Shared with Google+

  9. Good luck with your class Martha. Congrats. on the publish. Awesome!


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