July 21, 2014

Party Hat Class

Now open!
The Party Hat class, which went live for the Soul Food lessons months ago, is now being offered separately, to watch at your own pace!

This class has a little bit of everything and the fun part of an online class is that you can watch it over and over.

What is in this class? 

    -Texture techniques.
    -Different ways to add color and paint.
    -Making a face from scratch.
    -Lesson on making stylized hands.
    -Use of different Mediums.
    -Fun with templates.

What do you need?
-Fast internet connection.
-Acrylic paint, mediums and brushes.
-Assorted templates and patterned paper.
A full list of materials will be given after joining the class.

How long is it?
It depends on each person. You can watch it all in one day, or take it easy and watch spaced for few days.Then watch it again if you like.

Where is it?
We will have our own space and registered members will have access and an invitation via email to the site after Paypal payment.

How much is it?
Only $46.00 USD.
Price might increase in the future.  Because of the nature of online classes and workshops, no refunds after the class has started.

To purchase: Click on BuyNow button.
 Email me on the contact form (on side bar) to let me know you purchased the class.
Sometimes paypal takes a while to send me a note.
And check your junk/spam folder in case my email lands there!

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