September 29, 2014

29 of 29.... wow!

One more time we come to the end of this crazy marathon... I hope you enjoyed it, and that you discovered something new about your abilities and your art.

This is my last face for #29faces September!

You know you still have tomorrow if you are not done...and also have lots of blogs to visit till February, when we do it all over again!
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  1. Lovely face!
    It was a great experience to join this challenge, helped me relax and let my pen flow without overthinking. Lots of fun!
    Thank you!

  2. She is so lovely!
    Thank you so much Martha for hosting.. I am looking forward to February!

    1. Thank you Susi, always so happy to visit your blog too!

  3. Wonderful serie! I watch them all again and I like face to stone very much and abstract/modern, too.

    Thank You very much by hosting this interesting challenge. I made a collage about this year's paintings and about last year, too, because those pictures aren't anywhere. I stopt that mad....mad

  4. She is so sweet! I love her Martha ;o) Congrats on the challenge ;o)

  5. Ohh, I missed one of my fav things about blogging, your inspirational blog challenge, I really hope to get my act together & don't miss the next one :( Oh & really loved seeing your cute cartoons, they are fab Martha!


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