September 25, 2014

Face 25 is abstract.

I am enjoying more and more doing abstracts.
It's been difficult because I love to go into details so much, and I love my tiny paint brushes, but there is freedom in a larger brush and simpler paint strokes.

In this case the flash for the photo changed one of the eyes, but I liked the effect so I left it, didn't correct it so it has an extra effect not planned. :o)

In this 29 faces challenge we are working on techniques and different ways from our usual as an exercise for the mind and hopefully the growth of our art.


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  1. I like that color of your strong lines, cool.

    I am also trying to work on abstracts and it's challenging! I almost lost my mind thinking why it's so difficult to me, why there's always coming up something very obvious into abstract.
    I'm a writer, I tell stories, painting has been my hobby for such a little time compared to writing. I figured I'm trying always to tell stories i my paintings and now I have to get rid of that and only paint, paint and paint and not to think all the time.

    There's the challenge.

    Have a relaxing weekend and thanks for hosting 29faces, I've learned a lot!

  2. Beautiful! It's my favourite so far. Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend! xxx

  3. Looks like fun, Martha. In spite of being abstract, you still got a lot of depth to this painting. And I love the color.

  4. Very interesting result. Love it!

  5. This is cool Martha! Really like this one!


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