September 10, 2014

No.10 ... hair options

I have posted several times by now about how I make a print of my painting and test  a couple of things when I am not sure what direction to take.... particularly with hair.

So for today, I want to share that part of the process for my face No. 10 in the 29 faces.

I painted on wood (video coming soon!) and made a few different styles to look at and decide.

I love wind blown hair, it is so much fun to paint/draw ... but long "quiet" hair is sweet too. Which will it be?   ;o)

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  1. I like windswept.

  2. I like wind blown hair as well - I like the girl in the upper right corner. She's so sweet.

  3. Wind in the hair it shall be! Free spirit!

  4. This is a great little post. I love how by changing the wind you get a totally different perspective. It helps putting them next to each other. The girl in the upper left looks like she'd like to cause some mischief and the the girl in the upper right looks more like a gentle soul.

  5. OH!!!!! I love the wind blown look ♥

  6. You have painted many wonderful and interesting paintings earlier. These four are interesting, too, because I like to think which one is the best. I think it is the second in first line, in the right with beautiful and free hair.

  7. I love them Martha! The top two are my fav ;o)

  8. So cute... neat to see the same face with multiple hairdo's!


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