September 7, 2014

No. 7 Pineapples!

Lady with pineapples.
This one face I started long time ago and left it on the pile of "for later when my muse returns" Muse returned, she got done. I think it turned out nice, if I may say so myself lol  :oD

The challenge here was to use neutral colors and a limited palette. Since I always use  a bazillion colors, most of them very bright.

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  1. The limited pallette works well. I think that portrait is lifted by the lovely colour of the pineapples, They make a great headpiece, I am sure that is Frieda was still around she would want one just like that!

  2. This is fab. The background color is just perfect for her lovely face and those delicious pineapples!

  3. I love that her eyes and the pnieapples are the same color! Pretty face!

  4. I really love her,her expression is so serene. Love this color palette as well.

  5. She is so pretty! Love her face ;o)

  6. Beautiful faces... checking them all out but not commenting on every post... I was horribly behind!


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