February 15, 2016

A Page idea for the Traveling book

This page is more sort of a portrait, with 2 faces, and it is still in progress, but here we go!
It is made for one of the traveling books :oD  I will post the end result when I'm done.

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  1. Super cute! What is a traveling book?

    1. I organize a group where we each sends a journal book by mail, each person makes a page and mails it to the next member and at the end all books come back to the original owner.

    2. Ah ok! Yes, I've done this before....a Round Robin! They are so much fun!
      I hope to see more of your work from these traveling books! Or maybe some videos? ;)

    3. oh, definitely! If you see the labels at the bottom of the post, click on "traveling book" and you will be directed of past posts about many pages I have done. And there are some videos coming up as well ♥

  2. wonderful
    i like how you created two faces together


  3. Ayala you can make a coloring book also with this work!
    Then you can paint it but now the "no stress coloring books" are very fashionable !
    Good work kisses! Ciao!

  4. Nice one! I like the idea of this picture.

  5. Oh this is very cool. I like this idea.

  6. What a great idea! Love it! Very cool!


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