February 20, 2016

Sketch on paper, face 19 and 20 of 29 ♥

I have been dealing with a annoying cold. Ugh! one kid, then me, now my poor husband. I hope my other kid doesn't catch it and we start another round lol
Well, my faces for yesterday and today:

I think they turned out very sweet ...
There are just 9 more days for the challenge!
Try something new, grab those supplies and practice that technique you have been thinking about! ♥

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  1. Kids are cute they are hard to do mine look like little adults most of the time.

    1. For a younger face, place the eyes lower in the face, and larger than an adult.

  2. Beautiful drawings with colored background!Ciao Ayala, kisse from Italy!

  3. Very sweet faces! I hope you and the family are feeling better!


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. .Keep your paintbrush wet!