February 10, 2016

Drawing a face looking up. Day 10 of 29 faces

Drawing a face looking up. This to me is one of the trickiest angles for a face!
I could use more practicing ;o) This is also done in a 2x2 inches watercolor paper.
Basically I have all the elements placed up high in the head, show the bottom of the jaw and neck and the shadowing helps.
Since I am avoiding too many details, the less lines the better, and it still gives an impression of the looking-up angle.

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  1. YOu're right, this is difficult angel! I find it hard to make eyes look open and still tilt the head downwards or upwards. And everythig else in different head positions is equally difficult :).

  2. Yes, very difficult! Well done my friend!

  3. I have trouble with this angle too. Very tricky!!

  4. Very difficul, but you are right you did capture the gesture. I am still amaze on how you can work in such a small format.

  5. You're right, that's a tricky angle, can't remember, if I've ever tried it.
    Must try it.
    You've done well, I especially love those bold black lines.

  6. That is really cool. I don't think I've ever tried that expression before. Not too easy. You did ti well! xoxo Silke

  7. Wonderfully proportioned. This is one of the fist angles my Nan taught me when I was little.


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