February 13, 2016

Drawing a face looking to the side. Day 13 of 29 faces

Drawing a face looking to the side. Kind of 3/4 and with the eyes to the side.
She turned up so funny! The expression on her faces is like... "green was not such a good idea after all" lol
I like making my faces looking to the front,  but definitely, some faces say much when looking to the side.

"Going green" does not necessarily involve hair.

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  1. I've been in the same situation as your girl, haircolor that wasn't what I supposed it to be :).

  2. LOL! You made me laugh! I think she turned out great!

  3. I know that feeling!

    Happy Valentine's Martha and thanks for this awesome challenge!!

  4. I sort of like her green hair :)

  5. Ciao Ayala! Deliziosa girl!She is a bio green girl!Molto carina ciao!


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