December 18, 2010

ADO Jack Frost challenge

I finished my little Jack Frost but I misplaced my thingy to see pictures in the computer, so I couldn't upload, or even see them... I was so frustrated! But it appeared all ofa sudden on the table. hmmm I think it was an elf, maybe? they love pranks....

So well, here is my ADO paper doll. It was a lot of fun to make!

Pencil sketch

Ink on watercolor paper

Acrylic selection used to paint the doll

WIP half painted

All done!
Oh! By the way, I changed my blog "share" button for the "like" button. So please if you like it, click it, don't be shy :oP  But I think it only works if you are in facebook, so let's see if I keep it or not...


  1. He's adorable...just the right mischief on his face. :~)

  2. I love him!!! And, you are right, the like button only works if you are on facebook! I couldn't press it ;o( I'm not on facebook! But, you know I like him ;o) That's the main thing!!!

  3. This is sooooo sweet.
    I love your little jester and that you showed us your work in process.
    have a great 4. advent.

  4. So cute! Love seeing the WIP too!

  5. Jack Frost looks Super! Really nice job Martha!

  6. I love him! He does look like a bit of a troublemaker... you may want to hide your eggnog ;)

    Merry Christmas!


  7. hello dear friend,

    merry christmas and very great new year
    full of joy.
    big hugs

  8. Feliz Navidad!! Martha. Te deseo lo mejor para tu familia y que este año como los ateriores este lleno de tu creativo arte.
    Que hermoso muñequito, me encanta.


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