December 6, 2010

Lots of stuff, late post.

There's a bunch of things going on at the same time:
I have been working on my Winter ACEO for a swap. yaay! My new girls are almost all done, I still have to do some finishing touches and take pictures, which seems impossible with this crazy weather. We had horrible winds, I had like a truckload full of leaves, then it rained a lot... which made my street turn into a little river for a while, with all the drains clogged with leaves. There I was last night at 9 pm with my little! (not!)

The other thing is that I finally bumped into the January issue f Doll Collector, where my doll Luna is published (and 2 more dolls I worked on, plus the doggy I made). Such a thrill, double yaay!

And I'm starting a sketch for my next polymer baby, to send in a tour next January. Can't wait to have all those babies visiting again!

A picture of some of the new ACEOs. The other pics are too dark, I will post and list tomorrow.

The runaway gingerbread cookie cracks me up :oP


  1. I love all the aceo's!!!!! I will be looking in your shop ;o) I'm so sorry about the weather you went through. It wouldn't be fun! That is so cool you bumped into the Jauary issue of the Doll Collector! Yeh! You should be so proud of yourself!!! Have fun with everything!!!

  2. Lovin the colors Martha! (and those leaves will make great compost, y'know. ;~)



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