December 8, 2010

More winter ACEO and a WIP doll

First of all... Thanks you!! almost all the girls I listed in my shop were gone the same day!! :oD
I listed one on ebay today, and have more listed in my Etsy, I'm on a roll!

Here is a picture of the new cuties and Jack frost. He is my ADO doll for the Jack Frost challenge:

Jack is going to be an articulated paper doll, very naughty and frozen cold. I don't think the picture shows well the pencil lines, but I will post more on him soon. Oh! And keep an eye open for the new video Slide show on beautiful ADO dolls! I'm working on it, slowly but surely...

I love the little avatar Xo)


  1. Everything is amazing as always Martha!!!!!

  2. Thanks for popping over! I love the prints you are doing - I wish I could paint/draw on paper.... although to be fair, I've not really tried.. just wouldn't know where to begin!
    Hope you have a good weekend X

  3. Jack Frost is super cute, he is sure a great avatar.

  4. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment:)
    So,I was reading your "about me" and I have to say, "You had me at dolls....then art." I just happen to love both and can't wait to take a look at your work. I am an antique dealer and have just recently started selling online, so I like to see how others have marketed their goods.
    Oh, if you're interested I am hosting a New Years Giveaway with a vintage theme.
    Take care - nice to meet you:)


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