September 9, 2014

No. 9 ...more texture!

I started this painting some time ago and at some point I lost my direction.
At first I wanted just an abstract, then i started to make one of my bald people.... but then i wanted sweet and cute and it was impossible to change direction and I got stuck.

By leaving the piece alone for a while, I learned it was going to follow it's own path, so I just added paint washes of color to get to this point.
I might give it some stain to show more the cracklings but I am happy with the way it is turning out.

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  1. Sometimes it is really good to walk away from a painting when we feel stuck. Coming back later might reveal something we haven't "seen" before - as here. The face is beautiful, and the colors all work perfectly.

    1. Thanks! Yes, so true. Sometimes it is the best thing we can do, let them rest for a while in a corner :oD

  2. The colors in this one are fantastic!

  3. I love it Martha! I agree, sometimes, it is good to walk away from a painting, until it talks to you again ;o)

  4. always love your work Ayala :)


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