February 10, 2015

10th face of February

In a hurry? Just squiggle your brush with some random page. It doesn't even have to make sense. Leave it alone after 5, 10 minutes.

Yes, it is hard to stop but we were in a hurry, right?  (°‿~ )✌
You can always come back to it later.

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  1. I love her squiggly hair. I must try a 'quicky' at some point during the challenge :)

  2. Wonderful and full of energy! Her lips are especially pretty!

  3. Fantastic faces you are once again drawn. Some great facial expressions and colors. I like all of.

  4. She's got my hair!!

    I love that there isn't sense in all doing, I'm in to it a lot, although I'm never in a hurry :D

  5. Fabulous I'm loving the squiggly hair. Thanks for visiting Anita


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