February 7, 2015

7th face of 29 just a WIP in stages

Another "in a hurry" face, just a WIP :o)
How are you doing? It's been one week  since we started the challenge...
Remember this month has 28 days, so make an extra face one day!

Then I added some more paint:


I can keep going and goin, but my goal is to leave the face in bolder brush strokes and less layers than my usual. hard to do!.

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  1. I think you made a great Job, I love the Expression on her face

  2. Oh, can I say it, but I like the first one very very much. It is mysterious and interesting. Others are great and it is wonderful to see how it was going...

  3. i enjoyed seeing how this piece unfolded!
    that red circle keeps drawing my attention to it, interesting how that happens.


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