February 27, 2015

Two faces for today, 27 and 28 of 29

I made a face yesterday but didn't make it to the scanner... so today I am working on another face and posting early.
These 2 ladies are faces 27 and 28 of the challenge and also are the faces of 2 traveling journals!
The one with the sun in the forehead is for Gina, and the one with the moon is for Anita. You will see them finished in another post, along with all the other ones that I have been finishing without scanning.


I cannot believe we are about to finish another round of 29 faces!

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  1. Oh these are so dainty and lovely! I know hard to believe it's ending!! Thank you for so generously hosting this wonderful challenge...it's a great kick start for the year!!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. All are so beautiful.. the winged girl below is so special wonderful Martha!
    I am sorry that I had so many other projojects that I could not participate this February...
    would have stressed me to much..but I miss it.. it was always such a great fun for me.
    You are so generous to host this great event!
    Happy weekend!

  3. Oh, such sweet faces. Beautiful work.

  4. Thanks Martha for hosting 29 Faces. I enjoyed it. Love your pretty ladies. Your work is always awesome. Time for a rest now.:) Maybe I will post on just Fridays and perhaps throw in a post in the middle of the week. :) It's hard to stay away. Thanks again, have a great weekend. Enjoy the weather before it starts getting hot. eeeeek.

  5. this month has really flown by so fast!! i really love this challenge ... it's so fun!

  6. So delicate and beautiful are both of the faces.
    Thank you very much for this challenge. There has been a lot of fun to participate in.

  7. Very beautiful! This is unbelieveble!! Can it be true that month is over now and I have made all faces. YES!! I have made them.

    Thank You for this amazing challenge! This was the third time to me :-) Without You I have newer started to paint faces. THANK YOU!!! I have always painted something else.

    And do You know what?? I have started to make my own art journal. I made covers myself and sites, too. Very interesting prosess.

  8. These two are so beautiful Martha! Love them! Very peaceful and magical ;o)


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