February 5, 2015

5th faces is a folk angel

I decided to try folk art. This is the page I made for Selina in New Zealand's book. It arrived from Angenita in the Netherlands, I will mail it to Gina in England. I ♥ traveling journals!

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  1. Your boy have got very beautiful eyes! And I love all angels! This is very cute. Luckily she has wings, so it is much easier to fly to there and there :-)

    (Come to see my Treeboy. I know that You have much and much to watch, but I think You'll like this.)

  2. Oh, she's just beautiful! I love the traveling journal idea, but I'm not sure my art output is reliable enough, lol! :)

  3. She turned out so beautiful ;o)

  4. Martha, I don't know if my other comment went through, but I wanted to tell you again, she is truly beautiful ;o)

  5. Indeed a traveling journal, well she's got the wings to fly! Her eyes are so full of emotion.

  6. Great page! Love the angel!


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