February 19, 2015

Girl with kitty. 19 and 20 faces

It's been so long since I didn't paint a kitty! I cannot believe it!

Well, my friend Melo Art posted a link of an artist (whose name escapes me at this moment, sorry!) it was a painting of a cat on a bench in a garden.... that amazed me because it looked like my cat, on a bench lol here he is, modeling:


So after that, of course I needed to make a cat painting. So here it is.
These are faces 19 and 20.

Can you believe how fast the challenge is going? 

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  1. Love your kitty portrait! Valerie

  2. Oh my it's so difficult to leave a comment here! Went to your other page...then it was hard to load and went up and down on the screen....anyway your little girl with the kitty is so adorable...love her! Yes crazy fast!! It's all going crazy fast!

    Hug Giggles

    1. I wonder what happened? no one else has made a comment of it. I checked my site speed and it took 6 sec in a slow server with explorer, and 2 sec in a faster server with chrome and firefox. I learned that some of my buttons took a long time, so I will get rid of them. Please let me know if it happens constantly or was just one time, thanks for the feedback!

  3. Adorable girl and cat! The cat is seriously extra cute. And so fluffy!

  4. Love it - great face and adorable kitty! Animals are fun to paint. Actually almost everything is fun to paint

  5. what a sweet kitty :)

    that reminds me...i need to create an EXTRA face this week!

  6. love this girl and her kitty!

  7. Hi Martha. I love your ittle girl and kitty. They are darling. I see Cris Melo at Flickr. Whenever she posts I leave her a comment and she to me too. Take care Martha. Oh...yes it's almost over. Tomorrow I'm posting 25, 26, and 27 and then I will do my book thingy on Flickr. It's always fun. Thanks Martha.

  8. Love this post! Thanks for the smile ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. This is an adorable painting. . . the gal and the cat. Blessings, Janet, PPF


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