April 13, 2013

20 minutes...?

I have been timing myself to paint a bit faster in the hopes to loose my brush work. I get too much into detail and although it can be fun, I also admire the more abstract, free paintings.
So.. it was great to find Gritty Jane doing a "20 minute painting" activity. Perfect timing for me.
Now the thing is... do I stop at 20? So far I have, look a the piece... and keep going a bit more hahaha
I just can't help myself! But it is a nice incentive, to have the impending time stop. For those that perform better under pressure, you should try it!
This is my 20 minute stop:


This is a few minutes later:

Few more minutes...

And this is where I finally stopped. I regret nothing! :oD

I was so caught up in this, that I didn't even think of hands.
But that's ok. Thanks for your visit and your wonderful comments. ♥
Since it has details in orange, it's going to the "Mandaring Orange Monday"


  1. Beautifull painting. And 20 minutes are not enough for me ;)
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. Another lovely portrait. Love the flowers in her hair and the eyes are amazing.
    xxx Marianne

  3. Very nice! Love seeing your process. :)

  4. I love this idea to paint in 20 minutes and Jane is painting on large surfaces. Amazing. Love what you did here...and you could have stopped at 20 minutes because it was interesting. But I am loving the face of your finished version here...such an interesting facial expression and quirk to her. I don't think I could stop at 20 minutes either.

  5. Wow, it's lovely! Well done! I tried 15 minute paintings and there is something very fun about knowing that you just have to finish...not agonizing or contemplating forever...

  6. Love the flowers in her hair.

  7. I am always amazed at what can be accomplished in 20 minutes! I also appreciate seeing the stages of your work, and the huge difference a few brush strokes or added value changes can make!

  8. Wow,I really like this works sense of spontaneity !

  9. Beautiful painting! Well done!

  10. Lol! I'm glad you kept going. Looks fantastic!

  11. I love the look each time you stopped- they are all beautiful! I don't think I could do a 20 minute painting-but maybe it is what I need to break through my art journaling block? It is an interesting idea :)

  12. Martha, it is a gorgeous painting and almost unbelievable to me that it took only 20 minutes.

    1. By the time I took the 1st picture it was 20, the other images were some time later... lost track, but much of it was drying the paint.
      20 is proving to be hard, if you want to get into any details :oS

  13. I love her Martha! She has a sweet face and I love the design around her ;o)

  14. Very beautiful! your portraits have such character and depth. :D

  15. I am just learning to sletch and paint so 20 minutes to me would be a panic button for me. Perhaps after a years time . I could. Who knows.

    You did the finish great! Be proud!

    I am new to you looking.

  16. A wonderful portrait! I love her expressive eyes! Beautifully painted and so alive!
    Thank you for sharing on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  17. Thank you for Sharing, dear Martha,
    your painting is just wonderful.
    I love this fancy woman.
    Hugs and love


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