April 24, 2013

Two different "L"

After I finished drawing these hands, I stopped to think one was "love" and the other one a sign of "looser". Funny that I have those two L letters together... :oB

I finished the page of the face I showed yesterday, will post it tomorrow.
The teams for the "Exquisite corpse" are selected (what is that? well, google it, but we are aiming for whimsical, not too grotesque!) So anyway... soon we will be mailing each other drawints to finish together.... Another activity from the 29 faces group.
If any other person would like to participate in "spontaneous"  collabs and challenges, just let me know!


  1. LLLLLL for Lovely!!!
    xxx Marianne

  2. Your hands are looking so good.
    Liefs, Melanie

  3. Wow, Martha. You sure are great at drawing hands. These are wonderful.


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