April 10, 2013

More hands and a video

For my hands today: Tah-Daaaaa! Hand painting nail polish to another hand. Thanks for the suggestion! ♥

I bumped into a cool hands video. This is kind of close to the way I draw my hands, only I do it by hand B>) ...and make my lines outside, not just small marks for the fingers, but that's drawing preference mostly.
The music is a bit repetitive and annoying IMO, so maybe you can just turn off the sound. It worked for me ;o)


  1. Love that suggestion and great execution.

  2. LOvely hands!!
    And thanks a lot for the video.
    xxx Marianne

  3. Nice hands. And thanks for the video.
    Liefs, Melanie

  4. Great video Martha! You are a great teacher! You were right about the music! LOL! Love the nail painting! Well done ;o)

  5. Beautiful sketch! And cool video!


I ♥ all your comments! ~
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