April 6, 2013

Journal page

These are the steps for a page in my art journal. It is loosely based on this painting, and I say loosely because the proportions are off and the result is comical... but I really wanted some texture and do something  from centuries ago. This detail is a Madonna by Duccio painted in the 1300's

First I made a drawing, which proved to be a hard task on the left side of the journal. Then I added a base of ochre:

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 ..and a layer of blue in the shadow areas, plus a layer of red for my next step in the background, which is going to be metallic gold.

tip: for metallic colors you need to add a base color. Red works best for gold, but sometimes green is nice too, depending on the rest of the piece. Gray, blue and green are good for base coat for Silver acrylics, and red or brown for copper.

 For this next image, I added Titan buff and coral for the lips and blush. After it was dry I added crackling medium and that's when the comical part started, really... I did not give it a smooth coat. I left some thicker line thinking it was going to level down by itself... so next day when it was dry, I got a totally different look, see the "wrinkles"?

By then, I decided to take it as a lesson and finish my page, as an exercise on learning. It's not all so bad.
The forehead is showing too much, the veil is too short, but the overall colors are fine and the background looks awesome:


Thanks for visiting, I hope you had fun :oD  Tomorrow I will have more "Hands in April", you can drop me a line with ideas of more hands to sketch!



  1. I think you have done a great job..... your Madonna is so serene and appears to be very contemplative. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. I love seeing your steps with this. thank you so much for sharing them!!

  3. Fascinating! Will have to give it a try!!

  4. I think she looks so great. Thanks for the step by step photo's.
    And for youre handchallange, what about holding hands
    Liefs, Melanie

  5. Oh I love the whole process and I must get the paint out and try to get this colour combo together! You are a star Martha.
    Oh and I would love you to join Paper Saturdays with this, you painted on paper so that counts:)

  6. I really liked the process! Love the wrinkles, textures...she looks beautiful, quiet.Thank you!

  7. Martha, I think she is fantastic!! Thanks for showing the process! I love seeing that ;o)

  8. WOW!!!!! I LUUUUUUURVE that crackled surface and amazing image!!! :D XXX

  9. Thank you for sharing the process of the painting! It is wonderful. I need to learn a lot more about layering colours!
    I would also like to thank you for all the challenges and groups you are initiating! They have given me opportunities to
    work together with other people and they give me so much joy!

    Big hugs and hearts for you

    from Ilona


I ♥ all your comments! ~
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