April 5, 2013

Love! 2 hands today

Thanks for the awesome suggestion of making "heart" hands! I had fun drawing these:

They look a bit too .... hmmm what is the world I want? Scary? Whitchy? haha I mean, they could've been a bit more plump, softer maybe.  Maybe the lines are too harsh, not sure. But overall I am happy with them :o)

I will not post hands tomorrow, because I want to share a journal page in steps, so it was great to have 2 hands for today.
Any other ideas out there? :oD

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  1. I think the hands are looking just great. Love the love sign. And i like the painting a lot already.
    Liefs, Melanie

  2. I look with great interest your posts hands. what motivates me to draw better hands. they are so difficult
    good week-end

  3. Lovely painting... so far!! And a great pair of hands.
    xxx Marianne

  4. I love your heart hands ;o) Witchy? They would need to be holding a wand ;o)
    I love the painting, for Face In The World!

  5. I love these, don't think they look anything other than love. They are beautiful!


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