April 2, 2013

2nd hand and Face in the world

This is my left hand in what was supposed to be a "reaching" position, but somehow ended up looking just funky. The proportions are a bit off, but it was fun to draw, regardless :o)

Also, for my team in "Face in the world", I finally got the first piece to work on fro Australia!
I am working on it with pencil, can you see the arm there? Then I will add collage and a little color... and get it ready to mail it to the UK

I will show tomorrow you how mine is looking right now thanks to Manon!


  1. I think your hand looks really good.
    Your sure having fun doing art around the world, love seeing what you create!

  2. Great hand and face in the world. I'm curious how it will turn out. xxx Marianne

  3. Hands are extremely hard to draw - I think you did a good job. I do see the arm and hand. Would love the see this "international" lady when she is finished

  4. She looks great so far, as if she's waving to me from her round the world trip! :) I will look forward to seeing her when you have finished adding the collage and colour.

  5. I like your hand ;o) I like your arms and hand in the piece from Australia ;o) Well done ;o)


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