April 29, 2013

Journal page and fun

I have been painting up a storm, and for whatever reason forgot to upload to my blog. I have not been online as much anyway, my DH took a day off, we ran a bunch of errands and enjoyed the nice weather, then we were updating apps and this computer which hardly ever takes them well. I am still yet to fix the last update of the Live Movie Maker :o/ ugh...
But anyway, the fun part: images!

 Added flesh tones:

Painting the face features with many translucent layers:
 More images after the page brake!
Masked the face to work on the background. I didn't want to make new marks to it.

I like how the stamping and colors look all around her:

In this last image, I made very subtle changes like the nose, the eyes and lips, can you tell?

Remember it started like this?: I stained the paper then started to work on the face and went back to finish the "back".

 The next page background:

A different approach by making the background layers first with collage, stamps, doodles, and soon it will have a face somewhere in there.
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  1. Nice picture's. Looks like a tutorial this way, but I love to see your painting evolve.
    xxx Marianne

  2. Good for you, painting up a storm ;o) Your face with the flowers is very pretty ;o) I love the background and the textures too!

  3. Anonymous01 May, 2013

    Nice evolution. Always fun to watch a painting grow. The closest thing I have to the long ago days in the painting studio at university.

  4. The stamping works really well and I love her green eyes!

  5. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing the process too. I always learn so much.


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