September 10, 2013

29 faces and Face in the World II

These are the 4x6 pieces I worked on for the FITW II and I am using them for my 29 faces post. Today I made a video, took me forever and I will show the painting tomorrow, but the video will be for the class I was invited to teach in the Soul Food, as an appetizer, eye candy :oD turned out pretty, if I may say so myself ;oD


To the left, started by Magic Love Crow in Canada, I added the girl and mailed it to Shelle in Australia. The one right started by Cheryl A. and "Picassoed" by me.

This lady in blue was started by Joy Redington in the US, then I got it via Cheryl Alt, US too.

The one in the right was started by Dawn Myler in England, and I added the flesh tone and collage. She is on her way to Australia with Shelle K.

I can not even tell you all how much FUN it is to do the FITW, it is nerve wracking to work on someone else's piece but then it gets addictive, and it is awesome to see something I started, going around and having other creative minds add to each. Love it! ♥
I ended up making more teams than planned lol

I how you are having fun with the 29 faces! Visit the Linky HERE and discover ALL the amazing participants.127 so far! Is not too late to join, make this challenge YOURS, do something that makes you nervous, you will not be alone! We all are stretching out of our comfort zone and getting to meet new people!
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  1. The chain working is really very exiting!! I have been with here in Finland couple years ago, so I know how scary and interesting it is.
    Now I leave this job to You, I like to watch what You are painting. And it is very interesting, too.

  2. The faces really do travel around the world and I agree that they are so much fun to do. I love to see the mix of styles come together to crate a truly unique piece of art. FITW Rocks!!!

  3. It is interesting seeing the input of different artists in these faces. FITW sounds like an intriguing challenge. I am participating in your challenge for the first time this month. For me the challenge I've set for myself is to sketch more often then I usually do...

  4. This is so much fun!! I have to tell you, I am excited about mine ;o) Yepee ;o)

  5. Looks like they were a lot of fun. All great styles. Awesome. Thanks.

  6. What variety, Martha! I think my favorite is the lady with writing on her face! I love the way her eyes are casting. The drawings look great too.

  7. Very beautiful portraits!
    Thank you for the 29 faces. I enjoying it immensely.


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