September 12, 2013

Blog problems

For those in blogger/blogspot you probably noticed they had some issues showing a little yellow window saying :

"You have logged out from another location. Do you want to log in again?
Yes, I want to log in again."   

And it has been stuck on that, even if you log or re-log and clear cache etc...
Scary, annoying, frustrating....

TIP: The only thing that worked for me (after trying other browsers, deleting cookies, closing, restarting, etc) was to go directly to their homepage  

and sign in from there.That worked for me.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, you are lucky! :oD

They are having the problem, it is not on your end (or mine, for that matter!) Seems like while changing programs or updating stuff, it's been months of this going on to some users... then another group of users, chances are, it will affect all eventually.
So if it happens to you, just keep this post as a reference.



  1. Thanks, Martha. So far I haven't had that problem.

  2. They are doing away with certain features because they want everyone to switch to Google+. I've already started searching for another blog area because eventually "Blogger" will no longer be. If you read the Blogger Buzz, they just mentioned what they are doing.

    1. No! How can they get rid of the blog? I already have some other blogs that do not use because I really do not like them. This one is user friendly and so flexible... I will have to visit the buzz.

  3. I just read they are getting rid of blogger??? No way! This better not be true!! Ugggg!!!

    1. It better not be true, there would be legions of people all over the world having conniptions! I myself have not found any info about it.

  4. Hope it is working better for you, I really haven't done much blogging recently.


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