September 2, 2013

Holly floods batman!

Hey guys, I have been flooded with 29 challenges emails, that means it will take me a while to sort, answer and fix links, but also unfortunately my email got stuck lol
I got well over 100 emails just the first hours of the challenge and I think my server got mad at me.
So.... be patient, ♥ I will get to you if needed; the notes that do not need an answer will just be posted from the blog, I can't answer for now 'till my yahoo lets me.
If anyone has a problem and it's in FB, please post in the page, I can answer those there wihtout the email tangled in the middle.

Thank you all for participating!
.... Hopefully I will have time to make a better face myself than this one here! :oD

My daughter will be participating as well this time around ♥


  1. We know that You are very good painter, so don't worry. But I am worried this huge work which You have got. Is it the same every year?

    It is not easy to understand Your advice because the language. But it is interesting that this challenge is temting us from every corner of the world.
    Thank You very much :-)

  2. Oh, I think this is a darling face. Love those green eyes.

  3. oh! wishing you the best with all those emails!
    This is a cute face ;-)

  4. Hi Ayala, I am new in the 29 faces Challenge. I decided to join in when I saw what my friend Jenny Rodda had achieved in the last challenge. Thank you so very much for the hard work you put into this challenge! It is a beautiful way to meet so many joyful and talented souls! Clare.
    Your face is a cutie for sure.

    1. So happy you joined! yes, it is a great way to meet awesome people from all over the world! And improve, dare and work on things we love ♥ have fun, I will visit shortly :oD

  5. I wish you all the best! I wish I could help yoU!

  6. Holy floods indeed! Haha, the face is so cute! And I'm looking forward to seeing what you and your daughter does this time around!
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Sorry, my sentence got mixed up! I look forward to what you and your daughter do this time around.

  8. Cute face!! Woohoo, another Mother daughter team!! Good Luck with the emails you poor thing x

  9. Hello, I joined and am behind... but that is the challenge of it all isn't it? Posting an intro on my blog, and now off to create my faces! Loving Life for Life IS Good!

  10. Hi Martha. Hope you are doing well. Love that orange hair, looks great. Have a wonderful day with all those emails. tee hee.

  11. This face is adorable!!! Sorry about all the complications you've had!

  12. Hope you get everything sorted out! Cute face!


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