September 8, 2013

Old friend Re-Worked

So, I have been reorganizing and downsizing (more like pushed to do so, but that's another topic altogether!) and last night after I packed some and moved some more stuff, I found this oil painting. It was based on a photo I took of an angel I bought and arrived broken. I took the photo to tell the seller and he told us how to fix it.

OK, so I think the painting was ok, but back in those days I didn't know much about highlights and it didn't really have the bright colors I like:

It was literally like the photo, and it was a wooden angel, so the painting looked a bid tired, a bit dark... But me, being me, I couldn't make myself destroy the poor thing.

So, like I was saying, last night I got my oil paints, after years! They are water mixable, and changed the painting a little, can you see any difference?

I added highlights in hair and skin, made the eyes more alive, and I still will add more lavender to the wings and a bit of pink in the face:

I am liking how it pops out of the blue sky there....
Excuse the beige background, it is the tiled counter :oP
I didn't use an acelerator to dry fast, so now it is sitting there with a "wet paint" on the mantle ha!
Well, how are you doing in your 29 faces so far?


  1. Beautiful face looking to the .... lights!

  2. Love this angle and how you reworked it. What a wonderful find!
    And I'm doing wonderfully-well with my 29 faces and having such fun visiting so many dedicated, determined and inspired creatives!

  3. Great that you reworked your angel. I like it much better with these highlights.
    The challenge is going OK.... I finished my 9th portrait today, so I am one ahead in time. I've been visiting a lot of other artists and getting inspired along the way. Thanks for making it work!!
    xxx Marianne MW (nr. 36 in your challenge)

  4. I can see light, I can see green eyes and a little red in the wings. You had a treasure and now its even better.

    This is very interesting challenge. I want to try some new ways to paint...let's see...
    Thank You for this challenge :-)

  5. I can see the changes you made. As to how. Am doing on the challenge, I am trying different things. I have never tried to paint a face before, but I just finished one. I'm doing my best to do create faces that are different.

  6. I"m keeping up in my 29 faces! I'm posting a few more over the next couple of days in my blog. I'm also instagramming them at #facethefacts. My instagram name is rinda1961

  7. I love the change to this painting! Big difference!

  8. Love your final result. No way would I have been able to destroy this either, so glad you didn't.

  9. Nice re-working! Really like the brighter colours!
    Have a fantastic day!

  10. The new highlights really do make the angel POP ♥ I am really enjoying the challenge and it has kick started my creative drive which has been sound asleep most of this year !!!!

  11. Yes, I can see the difference, though I like both versions. A lovely angel.

    I am enjoying 29 Faces so much and it is really challenging me. I am managing to keep up, though this week has been very difficult and has involved a bit of scheduling.

    I've just found out that whatever gadget enables me to post comments on other artists' blogs has not been working in the last two or three days, and though I've left a lot of comments they didn't work. So I apologise for not seeming to comment here and for others, but I think it seems to be OK now.

  12. Now that is a really sweet face.

  13. I love this face, so peaceful , the eyes are so bright and mysterious, well done


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