September 26, 2013

Four faces!

I made four fast sketches. No details, no thinking or even shadowing.... just quick, that was the purpose. SO it was about 10 minutes in one page.... I think they turned out ok. I did some digital editing, because  the scanner didn't want to catch the pencil :oP

My daughter has a bunch of faces made but not scanned, so I will be posting hers soon :oD I am quite proud ♥
We are almost all done with the #29faces challenge!


  1. Great faces--I like the different angles. I also really like the textured ones in your previous post. Thank you for hosting this challenge. It really got me going this month, and I am now flying off in a new direction.

  2. Great looks! You have regorded the essential.

    I have two drawings left, Yeah! This has been amaising month, thank You so much :-)

  3. wonderful to see your fast sketches
    i feel it is wonderful to do sketches fast without thinking once in a while
    a great practice that can be freeing.

    thank you for being our wonderful host!!

    1. Yes, I always take longer to make a sketch, but going fast gives you a different look and feeling. You are very welcome Tammie!

  4. These are all great Martha! All so different!!

  5. Love your courage to try unusual angles of the faces. Great job, Martha. I enjoyed doing all the 29 faces and have already begun to stick them to card stock to make greetings cards of some of them.

  6. Marvellous faces to have sketched in just 10 minutes, and the different viewpoints are really interesting. I find it very irritating when the scanner will not show up pencil work, but you have achieved it with some digital - did you increase the contrast?

    I wanted particularly to say how much I have enjoyed the 29 Faces Challenge, and how stretching it has been for me. I have learnt a lot, speeded up tremendously, been adventurous, and as you said at the start, found some new friends. The only problem has been finding time to comment as well as create, and now that I've completed my 28 I shall go back to see the riches I have missed, and will come back to look at yours. I am very grateful for the wonderful month you have given me, particularly during a difficult month for us, and the way you have helped me to develop. It doesn't matter how long we have been making art, it is never too late to learn more and to improve. Thank you again, Martha.

  7. I want to thank You for this amaising challenge. There is in my blog thank You, too.
    It wasn't very easy in the beginning to get start this, but You did it, I can't understand how You did it. So amaising and wonderful.
    I wich You very interesting and happy days.

    ...I'll follow what You are doing :-)

  8. All of your faces are so great, Thank you very much for the challenge. This has been a lot of fun.

  9. Great sketches! It's a good reminder of how little time it really takes to get some art in our day. Thank you for hosting this challenge again this year. I've really enjoyed pushing myself to try new ideas with faces, along with seeing the amazing work other artists have done.

  10. I love the different perspectives and the fact that you did them all in 10 minutes! I'm working at being able to do this and coming up with more than stick people faces lol. These are really great!


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