September 30, 2013

Last day, did you make it?

Even if you only made a couple, or not even 10... you still learned something by participating in this challenge.
I did not finish all my faces, just a few, but I had great fun, still am! Visiting blogs slowly, and meeting new people. We can always enjoy a new friendship!

I am posting a bonus face WIP. A little ACEO:

These are my daughter's faces to finish her 29. She has been having so much homework, the last thing she thought of was making a complicated  face. I loved the ones she had made already but you know how it goes when we don't like something... she didn't want to scan them. Oh well :o)

I made a collage of all my faces:

 Thanks for visiting!


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge this time around....not stress ... just and awakening of my creative drive which has been slumbering for some time now :) Thanks again for doing this and looking forward to the next one :)

  2. I love this challenge more and more Ayala! thanks for gathering us all ♥

  3. Hi, I had fun and definitely learn quite a bit. The challenge inspired me to take new roads and do things I had not done in a long time. It also helped me working on a tighter schedule than usual. Hopefully that will help me become more productive and use better my free time. A big hug and thanks!

  4. I had fun doing this challenge and I think I will keep it up, because one day I would like to be able to sit somewhere and sketch someone face so quick they won't even notice I did it =)
    Thank you for this and thank you for sharing!
    xx Monique

  5. Thanks so much for arranging this challenge. I must confess to not having completed it (not even close) but the ironic bit is not that I didn't have more faces to post ... I just found the photographing and posting more challenging! I would suddenly find that another week had gone by ... :( However, I so enjoyed the opportunity and thanks so much for the inspiration. I have learned so much from sharing with others. I look forward to joining in again next time :)

  6. Your daughters faceleaves are very interesting and wonderful. Say hello and thaks to her. Say also that I coundn't get all my paintings well but I still put them to my blog. I paint later them better. And always learn so much even if all haven't so perfect.

    Thank You again to You! You are amaising :-)

  7. Love seeing all your faces together! Congrats on the challenge, again! ;o) Love seeing your daughter's nature faces art ;o) Guess what? I am painting your face now!! And, I have Shelle's to do too! I will let you know when I am finished ;o) So exciting!

  8. Thanks so much for doing this challenge! It was fun! Love seeing all yours together like this. :)

  9. I love the idea of leaf faces. :) I haven't joined this time around but I totally love this challenge. :)

  10. Way to go... you made some very cool faces!


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