September 20, 2013

Goodies and face number 20

I received this in the mail the other day:

 It was like Christmas! One is my Face in the World II piece collaboration with Joy and Cheryl (top right) then a gift ACEO from Shelle in a super cute baggy, and it is a girl clown, I love her!, The wrapped card in the bottom in Shelle's card for me to work on, in a team with Down.

Said card is my face for today. Before and after:
I worked on the eyes, hair and body.

Also, my Frida painting arrived in Greece, so I was very happy about it ♥
That's all for now. How are you doing in your 29 faces so far?

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  1. I love all the faces!!! Keep em coming!! :)

  2. What great mail ;o) The before and after of the face is amazing!

  3. Your faces have been wonderful, Martha. I like the golden hair and the twinkle in the eyes.

  4. LOVE what you have done to the face! Im on hols at the moment but took photos of about 10 faces to upload while here... havent found my camera to computer cord yet, now Im not sure if I put it in :( may just need to do it when I go home... ahh, loving your faces Martha,you totally rock :)


I ♥ all your comments! ~
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