February 11, 2014

Day 11 laughing girl sketch

This is my face for this day, it is a little girl laughing ...maybe she is having fun looking at the skull?

I changed a few things in the skull from a few posts ago. I like her much better now!

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  1. Laughing girl is going to be a real cutie!!!! I do live the changes to Skully also :)

  2. Laughing girl looks to be interesting I love the skulls they made me laugh!

  3. such a cutie, i love her little hands up at her mouth.

    fun skeleton too.

  4. I like the earrings in the skeleton, and the cute little buns in the little girls' hair...

  5. I love the little girl and I love your changes to the skull! Now I am smiling ;o)

  6. Sweet girl! And good improvements!


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