February 9, 2014

Day 9, big plans

I have big plans for this lady here! Earthy tones for her... if I have time I will update later today, if not, I will post her new version in the next posts.

How are you doing in your personal goals for the challenge?

My daughter is joining too, 4 faces today:

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  1. I am curious about her ... she is going to be a pretty girl!
    I am totally busy .. and happy about it..
    face face face face...lol

  2. I can tell she will be great,she already has a something about her. Your daughter's faces are fantastic! I see you shared your talent with her.:)

  3. I love these mom and daughter posts ;o) Can't wait to see yours colored! Your daughter's has such emotion in them! They are beautiful!

  4. YAY! Your sweet babe is drawing faces too, so heartfelt, just wonderful :) Loving your draft too Martha & look forward to seeing what happens to it next!


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