February 22, 2014

Day 22 of 29, pastel colors

I like to scan the first steps of a portrait, and see later on, if it reflected what I had in mind or if it took a different path...
Unfortunately I overused the green color in many pages and it is one of the difficult shades to work for natural skin tones. I wanted to leave more of the under layer, but I don't like a martian look on all of the faces hahahaha So I gave her a wash of blue, then some beige.

I think I'm happy of the direction this is going. Let's see later how it ends!

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  1. I totally struggle with green too! (Though it's more a problem with markers only, because once you've got green in there you can't get rid of it! With paint it seems to be easier to opaquely cover. Usually.) Such a pretty, quiet face!

  2. I think she is really pretty! I like her the way she is ;o)


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